Intertech Marketing Sales and Services Inc. is committed to supply high-quality products and services to customer.

We aim to develop our people and improve our services to meet and satisfy our customer’s needs and requirement.

Together, we devote ourselves to ensure that our Quality Management System is understood, implemented and maintained at all level of the organization and be able to achieve our company’s objective accordingly. We likewise aim for the continual improvement of our quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.


  1. To provide high quality products that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and suppliers.
  2. To maximize customer satisfaction through reliable products and services that comes with quality assurance, quick response and fast delivery.
  3. To constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectation of price, service and selection.
  4. To cover all the semiconductor and electronics companies in the Philippines.
  5. To serve the industry with dedication and utmost devotion in the effort of challenging conditions and situations.


To be the number one supplier in the semiconductor and electronics industry by providing high quality products and services to our customers, whom we see as the essence of our operations.


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